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We've All Felt The Pain

Product Creators, SaaS Companies and Software Makers Suck At Teaching People How To Use Their Stuff

And it’s been this way since software came in a box. We’ve all experienced it. 

But it actually makes perfect sense.

That’s because if you’re a software or app creator, you’re an expert at developing and maintaining your product. You’re not at expert at teaching.

But unfortunately, that shortcoming leads to headaches. Lots of them.

Like help desk tickets that never stop. Customer support expenses that drain the budget. And customers who keep needing to have the same shit explained to them again and again.

You would think that video would have changed things. It has not. If you suck at explaining how to use your your product in print, you’re going to suck at explaining how to use it in in video too.

That’s because effective and engaging video tutorials aren’t as simple as recording your screen and talking. They require unique skill sets and experience in things like instructional design, visual communication and the psychology of learning.

That’s a fancy way of saying you’ve got to be really good at explaining things to people, and in a way that makes it enjoyable and goof-proof for them to learn.

And when you provide those things in video tutorials for your product, the impact is both positive and immediate.

Drastically Reduce Support Tickets, Silence Bitching Customers and Increase Profits

Here are some fun facts:

$62 billion. That’s how much businesses LOSE each year from shitty customer service.

82%. That’s the number of people who stop using a product or service due to poor documentation.

9. That’s the number of people a happy customer will refer to your business when they receive great technical support.

16. That’s the number of people a pissed-off customer will bitch about your business to, when they receive crappy technical support.

140%. That’s how much more a customer will spend when they’re happy with your documentation and support.

Look, I could go on quoting statistics forever, but here’s the bottom line for you.

When you provide professionally made video tutorials that show people how to use your product, you will:

Drastically Reduce Support Tickets – When you have goof-proof training videos that show your customers how to use your product or service (and in a way that even a six-year old can understand), support tickets magically begin to vanish.

Eliminate Customer Support Headaches – When you have clear, engaging, step by step video tutorials that show customers how to solve their own problems, they will stop asking you to do it.

Profit From Raving Customers – When you put just as much love into teaching people how to use your product as you do into the product itself, wonderful things happen. Like churn rates dwindling. Referrals that come to you at zero cost. And customers who don’t hesitate to give you more money any time you ask.

Who Am I and Why Should You Believe Anything I Have To Say?

My name is Dave Kaminski and I make video tutorials.

I’ve been doing it for over 20 years and have made over 23,000 video tutorials to date.

My speciality is demonstrating and explaining how to use software. Where for the end-user, their frustration and stress goes away, the light bulb turns on in their head and they think “wow, that was easy…I can actually use this thing now”.

I do this through a relaxing and conversational style, while sprinkling in elements of learning psychology, instructional design and visual communication.

In other words, I make video tutorials that not only teach people how to easily use your product, but makes them love learning how to use it too.

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"Dave Kaminski is hands down THE BEST around. He is my go-to for my business. If you get the opportunity to have Dave make your video tutorials, take it!"
Amy Porterfield
"I wish there were more Dave's in the world. He is the consummate professional, a joy to work with and always delivers perfect videos that our customers love."
Mark Piepenbrink
"Having Dave make your video tutorials is a no-brainer. The guy flat out knows what he's doing. His videos have saved us from a stupid amount of customer support headaches."
Scott Gillie

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Working with me is pretty simple.

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Your subscription is month to month. There are no contracts. And you can cancel at any time.

Want more details? Then let me walk you through the steps below:

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Revisions Until You're 100% Satisfied

Did I get something wrong? Do you want something added or removed? No worries, I'll revise your video tutorial until you're 100% satisfied.

Wash, Rinse and Repeat For More Video Tutorials

Now you just repeat the same process for all of the other videos tutorials you want made. Submit a request, I make the video, I revise it until you're happy.

Cancel Your Subscription At Any Time

No contracts and no bullshit. Your subscription runs month to month and you can cancel it at any time with no questions asked or hoops to jump through.

Can I See What Your Video Tutorials Look Like?

Sure can. Here are a dozen of them you can check out, so you can get a sense of my style and the quality I produce.

But please understand that I make video tutorials, not explainer videos.

What’s the difference?

Video tutorials are where you demonstrate and teach someone how to actually use a product in real life. They are used for product documentation.

Explainer videos are used to explain broad subjects in an approachable way, usually through graphic animation. They are used for marketing.

I only make video tutorials. Got it?

100% Made With My Own Two Hands, No AI and No Shitty Freelancers

I am an agency of one.

Every video tutorial you get from me was made by me. My own two hands, my voice, my brain.

I don’t pretend to be a prestigious agency with a fancy name. I don’t have freelancers do everything on the down-low.

And above all else, I don’t use AI. 

You’re paying a premium price for a premium product. And that’s what you’ll get, along with premium ethics and transparancy.

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Have Questions? I Have Answers

Boom – there you go. You just highlighted what I said at the top of this page – that product creators, SaaS companies and software makers suck at teaching people how to use their stuff. If someone on your team could make world-class video tutorials, they would have done it already and you wouldn’t be reading this. But they haven’t because they can’t. I can. And you can get your crazy good video tutorials from me in just a few business days.

If you want to spend a couple of weeks posting jobs and going back and forth with dozens of freelancers, hoping to find a needle in a haystack, only to be told you need to supply them a script, you’ll be charged by the minute and your tutorials will be, at best, slightly better than what you can do yourself, then freelancers are for you. If you want the highest quality tutorials, from someone you can depend on, with no headaches, no worries and in the shortest amount of time, then I’m for you. 

Once subscribed, you’re able to add as many video tutorial requests to your queue as you’d like during a month. They will be made one by one and delivered to you one by one. 

On average, most video tutorials requests are completed in just two business days or less. However, more complex video tutorial requests can take longer.

Me. Dave Kaminski. The guy you see pictured on this page and the guy you see in the video at the top of this page. I am an agency of one. It’s just me. And I don’t hide that fact. I don’t use freelancers or AI. Your video tutorials are made start to finish by my own two hands.

No, I do not do either of those. Explainer videos are typically animated videos that explain a concept and are used for marketing purposes. I make video tutorials that show people how to use your product…and in a way that removes all of their confusion, frustration or any questions that they have. My videos are world-class screen recordings that show people how to use your product, where they can follow along step by step.

All videos are delivered in 4K (3,840 x 2,160) and in the 16:9 aspect ratio. That means the same dimensions as the video tutorial examples you see on this page. The videos will be in MP4 format and you will download them from your account.

Subscriptions are month to month. Every subscription automatically gets re-billed every 31 days. When you cancel your subscription from within your account, you will not be charged again when your subscription ends (but you also won’t be able to make any more video requests).

Once you subscribe to the service, you’ll receive login credentials to your client portal. Once you log in, you’ll see step by step instructions on how to request video tutorials, manage your requests and download your completed tutorials.

No you do not. In fact, it’s best to just let me do my thing and let me explain how to use your product in my own words. I’ve made over 23,000 video tutorials and I know what works. However, if you want to provide a list of things you wanted worded in a certain way, I’m fine with that.

As long as they need to be. That might be 60 seconds or 16 minutes. But I’m very aware of how quickly people stop paying attention to videos, so my tutorials are always straight to the point and engaging, without unnecessary dialog or blah, blah filler.

This is very common. However, I only work on one, single video request at a time. So when making a single video request, just let me know that you think the video might be part of a larger series. Then I can let you know if I can cover everything in one video or not. If not, you would just create new requests for each video that you want in the series.

No worries. I’ll continue tweaking the video until you’re 100% satisfied.

No. Because of the high-quality nature of my work, there will be no refunds issued.

Absolutely! Just click here or scroll up and click the button that says BOOK CALL to schedule a free 10-minute call with me over Zoom.

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